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M E E T  T H E  T E A M 



 I discovered yoga during my time as a college student. Throughout the years I have continued to practice and discovered that yoga has made me more mindful and has brought my awareness on how to slow down. I gained a better understanding as to how important it was to listen to your body, allowing your breath to guide you. Yoga was the missing link to my fitness routine. Suddenly everything made sense. My love for yoga and taking care of the body and mind began to grow. This led me to become a certified Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City in 2012. Today I am passionate about sharing my love for yoga as well as the peace and balance it offers for the body and mind. I am inspired and dedicated to causing a ripple effect. Having one feel whole and complete at the end of class is my main goal. I completed my 200 RYT Hatha/ Vinyasa in August 2016 from The Om Yoga Center in Watertown CT. My classes have something for everyone, the chance to restore or challenge yourself with focus on breath and getting stronger through optimal alignment. I invite my students to take up space and find their own creative expression. 

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Jessica Daly DeVitto (I go by Jessica Daly)
Yoga expands my mind. It gives me the gift of imagination.
Yoga is a magical movement that connects oneself utilizing the mana, blooming into bliss. Yoga walks alongside me every day. I completed my 200 hours with Be. Yoga. Kristin led us in a deep understanding of finding our voice and utilizing it through the lens of Erich Schiffman, B. K. S. Iyengar, and Ganga White. Yoga imprinted on me as I did to it.Expressing my passion through words, movement, and creativity practices. Honoring every “body,” and always being a student on a learning journey. These are the roots of my teaching.


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Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm a lifestyle coach with a focus on self-care habits and rhythmic living through the teachings of Ayurveda and Yoga. Since 2013 I’ve been offering mindfulness and movement to groups and individuals throughout my home state of Connecticut and, more recently, virtually.
I truly believe you are intended to feel alert, energized, vibrant, and full of vitality every day. I teach Yoga as an opportunity to offer you the tools to regulate all the body’s systems and heal from trauma. My class focuses on safety in the body, relaxation, time to de-stress, and afterwards, a renewed sense of creativity, intuition, and inner sturdiness.

When I’m not facilitating, you can often find me cuddling with my hound dog Huckleberry, roasting vegetables, reading memoirs, and walking in the woods.

My class style is restorative with gentle somatic movements and yoga nidra techniques. All levels are welcome! You can often hear me saying, “Allow the support of the props, the energy of this room, and the guidance of my voice to heal you. You don’t have to try, you just have to let go.” I’d love to take care of you and I hope to see you in my class!

To check out my vibe a little bit more, visit my website: or find me on instagram @sarahecarey

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I discovered yoga in about 2000. I was filled with anxiety, uncertain of my place in the world, and seriously lacking coping strategies. Through the recommendation of a therapist, I found myself in a yoga class at my local gym. I moved through the postures but everything felt foreign and awkward. The instructor guided us into a breath practice that introduced me to the first, deep, cleansing breath that I had ever remembered taking. I quickly realized that I had not been truly breathing for years. I was hooked. The gift of finding my breath is what brought me back to my mat over and over again until it became an integral part of my life. As my yoga practice grew, my desire to know more about the ancient practice and the “why” behind the life changing breath work I had experienced deepened. In 2010, I was accepted into
Lotus Gardens Yoga School’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program where I furthered my studies of yoga philosophy, breath work, postures, and meditation under the direction of Lara
Ward. Since then, I have furthered my yoga studies focusing on Trauma Informed Yoga under Jen Leavitt, MSW/JD, Hands On Adjustments under Breanna Taylor, and Reiki through Linda
Ciotto. I am also a certified Deep Play for Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher. For me, yoga is a way to reduce stress, find a little quiet in our busy days, and lighten our souls. My classes are a place of honesty, transparency, and authenticity. Expect a combination of breath work, meditation, and physical postures that aim to help you move stress and tension out
of your body and bring your mind to a state of bliss.



I started off self taught, then my love for yoga expanded to complete my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Bramasole Yoga in Morris, CT. I enjoy teaching gentle flow and mixed levels vinyasa flow yoga. Yoga is something that has become so important to me and I’m lucky and grateful to be able to share it with others. Breath reconnects us to ourselves, to others and nature. Incorporating breath and movement with stillness and awareness. It is the full mind, body, spirit experience. A lover of crystals and reiki certified. I love incorporating different energetic tools in my yoga classes. Holding space for students to practice their asanas and nurture themselves on the mat. Drawing the balance between the effort and the ease.

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S T A C Y 

I discovered yoga in early 2014 while living a fast-paced life while working in a fast-paced sales job in New York City. Yoga was my grounding, and became a part of my lifestyle. It gives me balance, peace, brings me back to the present and to my breath when my body and mind are always on the go, challenges me, and humbles me. Yoga has been a daily practice for me over the last 9 years, both on and off the mat, physically and mentally. In 2019, I decided to take my practice to the next level and received my 200 hour RYT certification at The Yoga Shop. I primarily teach all levels and power vinyasa flow. Looking forward to seeing you on your mat!


P A U L A 

Yoga has been apart of my life for over 5 years and my practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully.

I completed my 200 hour Yoga training with CrossRoads Soul Space Yoga & Wellness with Yoga Alliance. I will always be a student of the practice and am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me.My classes range from  beginners and gentle to more active classes. Using movement and breathe to help students find stillness and focus. Yoga has helped me to process, transform, and be more fully present to my everyday experience. If I can share even a small piece of that with my students, then I consider my self extremely lucky.


K E L L Y 

Kelly has her bachelor’s from the University of Connecticut in Human Development and Family Studies as well as a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Central Connecticut State University. Throughout her schooling Kelly has learned the importance of balancing the whole body: mind, body and spirit. Kelly works on incorporating this feeling of balance through a daily yoga practice, which helps her juggle being a mom of two busy little ones, a wife and full-time preschool teacher. Kelly looks to share her passion for yoga by helping clients connect their breathe to movement during her classes. The breathe/movement connection flows outside of the studio and can be utilized in client’s daily lives to decrease stress or assist in staying present. Kelly philosophy is: “get on your mat and move”, from there your body will let you know how far to push and when to rest. Each client’s practice is unique to themselves and that particular day. All levels are welcome in Kelly’s classes as modifications are provided for all poses. Kelly’s classes are vinyasa focused flowing from pose to pose while incorporating the whole body.

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